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Air quality Assessment & Monitoring

Air quality management has become an increasing issue for the public and private sectors, partly due to heightened community awareness regarding industrial emissions to air, but also as a result of new regulatory regimes and both compliance and regulatory requirements.

Eco & Partner Consult provides air quality assessment and monitoring services to broad range of industrial sector. We have managed to deliver to our clients’ undisputable high quality data hence meeting the regulatory requirement at both local and International level. With our state of art equipment, Eco & Partner can the following services below.

Our Services Include:

  • 1. On site ambient air quality and noise assessment
  • 2. In door air quality assessments
  • 3. Air quality Compliance auditing and management,
  • 4. Reporting on emission inventories, and
  • 5. Air dispersion modeling;

Eco & Partner Consult has experience in the following industries:

  • 1. Oil and gas/petrochemical industry
  • 2. Creameries and Dairy industry,
  • 3. Steel and fabrication industry,
  • 4. Institutional and government entities,
  • 5. Cement, tile, clay and stone industry,
  • 6. Power industry,
  • 7. Wood products / pulp and paper, and
  • 8. Asphalt and aggregate products.