Ecology and Biodiversity technical support
The impacts of Projects and Programs on biodiversity and Ecology are complex and in order to reduce the negative impacts, a thorough understanding of the Biodiversity and Ecology of the Area is required. At Eco and Partner, we have an experienced team of ecologists providing ecological and biodiversity technical support ranging from early engagement advice to surveys, monitoring and mitigation.

Quality of life depends on diverse and complex ecological systems. As a growing body of evidence and global initiatives highlight the seriousness of biodiversity decline, and as measures are put in place to reverse this trend, it is becoming increasingly important for companies to understand and minimize their impact on ecosystems.

An informed, sustainable approach to biodiversity and ecology management can provide opportunities for business stability and growth. Failing to proactively manage biodiversity-related risks appropriately can result in failure to secure required approvals, considerable cost increases, schedule delays, and friction with local communities and other stakeholders.

Our team of professionals has experience in completing aquatic, terrestrial and wildlife surveys for a wide range of species and habitats for various projects. We work with Governments and private sectors to integrate biodiversity considerations into decision making and to develop and enhance related opportunities for business.

Our work ranges from high level corporate policy support to targeted project or issue specific work. We work with our clients to understand the biodiversity implications of their projects, develop solutions to minimize adverse impacts from key decisions to ensure compliance with relevant standards especially the International Finance Corporation Performance standards and World Bank guidelines to provide strategic advice regarding project development.

We offer technical assistance through the following services:

  • Ecology and Biodiversity Scoping studies.
  • Critical Habitats Assessment.
  • Terrestrial survey; Plants, Avifauna, Reptiles, Amphibians. Invertebrates, Large and small Mammals.
  • Developing of Biodiversity Offsets.
  • Aquatic survey, water quality, Phytoplankton, Zooplankton. Macro benthic, and Fisheries.
  • Ecological Impact Assessments.
  • Ecological Mapping Services.
  • Development and implementation of Biodiversity Action Plans.
  • Options Appraisals, Due Diligence and Constraints.
  • Public enquiry and expert witness support.
  • Eco-system Services technical support.

Environment & Biodiversity

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