Energy and Power

Globally, there is a general push towards renewables, although conventional energy will continue to play a significant role in the energy mix in the coming years. Major players in the energy sector change their portfolio and strategies to accommodate for the green transition. A holistic approach is required to support the sector on this journey.

Eco & Partner provides Environmental and Social Consulting services focused on helping clients optimize efficiencies, take advantage of financing options and achieve regulatory compliance.

Eco & Partner is uniquely qualified to offer innovative and multi-disciplinary solutions for the Energy and Power sector. Our ability to effectively integrate these services into a strategic planning and management approach is what sets us apart in the Energy and Power sector.

Our consulting team, which includes leaders in Environmental and Social Impact Assessment, permitting, and environmental remediation, with focus on the small, nuanced details of your business. This allows us to develop a custom approach specific to you. As a result, our clients tell us that they appreciate how we often operate as an extension of their own staff.

We have worked on a variety of legacy sites with impacted soil and groundwater. Our staff are trained to work at hydroelectric facilities, and transmission and distribution facilities. This includes working with public and private utilities to solve complex biodiversity and social issues, with experience spanning a number of hydroelectric facilities and other energy facilities throughout Uganda.

We do offer the following energy services.

  • Greenhouse Gas Assessments and Mitigation
  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessment and Permitting Services
  • Energy Procurement Advisory Services
  • Environmental Compliance Auditing
  • HSEQ Management Compliance and Auditing

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