Environment, Health and Safety Legal Register Services

Legislation governing Health Safety and Environment (HSE) is evolving rapidly due to the increased societal expectations from businesses. It can be difficult to keep up with all of these new Laws, Regulations and Standards but failure to comply can affect workers’ safety, your reputation, operating costs, and even your ability to conduct business.

Developing and updating HSE Legal Register is aimed at supporting organizations to meet all of the compliance requirements within current laws and regulations.

Eco & Partner services endeavor to move beyond traditional compliance and corrective programs so that Businesses are able maximize the return on their investments in safety, safeguard lives, protect assets and strengthen reputation.

We enable companies to have both a broad and granular understanding of both the legal and reputational risks in the jurisdictions a company operates or has ambitions to operate in and this is done by addressing the challenges outside their knowledge base and comfort zone.

We have expertise in managing human rights issues relevant to land rights and resettlement, labour and working conditions (including worker safety), indigenous people, security, community rights and supply chain impacts.

We combine an intimate understanding of emerging international and national requirements with practical on ground experience to support clients in understanding and fulfilling their responsibilities. This helps protect access to capital, develop and maintain a social license to operate and ensure regulatory compliance.

We offer technical assistance through the following services:

  • Identify and determine the environment, health and safety, social compliance obligations and status relevant to the business.
  • Translate the relevant legislation and supporting guidance documents into operational plans.
  • Document how and why the compliance obligations apply to their business.
  • Record and retain documented information as evidence of compliance evaluation and any identified risks and opportunities associated with its compliance obligations.
  • Link compliance obligations to relevant environmental, health and safety aspects and objectives for continuous improvement.
  • Assess organizational compliance status.

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