Environmental and social permitting

At Eco & Partner, we pride ourselves on achieving effective environmental protection outcomes and aim to make sure that our clients have the required support, verifications and permits to ensure compliance throughout a project’s lifecycle.

By anticipating and addressing permit requirements early on in the project design, we help implement a permitting strategy, development schedule and mitigation plans that expedite permit acquisition and compliance. Expert regulatory negotiations throughout the project help resolve technical and external stakeholder issues and create favorable permit conditions while achieving the ultimate goals of maintaining project schedules and ensuring compliance.
We support clients in developing and maintaining integrated and discipline customized programs for environmental, health and safety compliance that add value to businesses.
We also help our clients secure and maintain the necessary environmental permits to comply and operate with complex regulatory requirements.
We enable our clients conform to all environmental and social compliance obligations at the local and state levels, with proven expertise and experience in working with the private and public organizations across a variety of sectors providing a broad range of technical and business solutions.

We offer the following technical assistance services:
Environment and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) permitting
Noise permitting
Waste discharging permitting/Water abstraction permitting
Waste transportation, treatment and disposal permitting
Permitting to carry out a regulated activity in a Wetland, River bank and Lake shore
Permitting to carry out activities in mountainous and hilly areas
Technical assistance in identifying permits required.

HSE Management Compliance

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