Kingfisher Development Area

Location: Uganda

Client:CNOOC Uganda Limited

Service: Environmental and social consultancy

The Kingfisher Project is planned to develop the Kingfisher, Mputa, Nzizi and Waraga fields. The Project will produce 40,000 Barrels of Oil per day during peak production. The crude will be treated at a Central Processing Facility (CPF) located in the south-eastern shores of Lake Albert. The Kingfisher development wells will be highly deviated wells from onshore surface locations targeting the offshore reservoir.

Eco & Partner has provided Environmental and Social Consultancy services to the developer encompassing the following:

  • Services for Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA)and Public Hearing for the Kingfisher ESIA Report. ESIA for development of the Kingfisher field in EA-3. Subsurface construction includes a total of 40 wells (27production wells and 13 injection wells); the surface construction will include well-pads, production flow lines and water injection flow lines, an oil export pipeline, a central processing facility, a lake water extraction station, camps, a jetty, an airstrip and roads
  • Invertebrates (Mud Snail) Baseline Investigation Study. The study was undertake based on IFC performance standard 6 requirements. This thought to verify presence of mud snails (an endangered species) in the near-shore habitats off the Buhuka Flats. The study area covered; the Bugoma Lagoon (33.2 ha), large bays (73.7 ha), open sandy shores (554.8 ha) and shallow river associated water (37.2 ha), totaling approximately 699 ha.
  • Critical species study at Kingfisher oilfield (Nahan Francolin, Grey Crown Crane, Eastern Chimpanzee)
  • Environmental Compliance Audit for CNOOC Uganda Facilities in Kingfisher Development Area, Transportation, Treatment and Disposal of Kingfisher drilling waste, Access Roads etc.


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