Lender Compliance Due Diligence and Gap Analysis Technical Assistance

Financing from International Finance Institutions are subject to strict environmental and social performance criteria being met and maintained by a project. Most private lending banks are also incorporating and adopting similar standards to those of other big international institutions.

Project financing can saddle the financier with unexpected EHS and sustainability liabilities and also miss out on significant operational improvement opportunities, without proper due diligence. Unplanned cleanup costs, regulatory penalties, or capital improvements can dramatically undermine the value of a business transaction.

Due diligence is an extremely important process and exercise in financial transactions as it allows both the financier to make an informed decision as to whether it should finance/ participate in the project, with greater transparency, investors, lenders, and buyers can have confidence in the valuation model and their level of exposure.

Sellers, meanwhile, can benefit from a more competitive and accelerated sale process that maximizes their return and protects their interests by building EHS and sustainability into the terms of the transaction.

A thorough due diligence review of the borrower ensures that the financial transaction does not involve legal risks that the financier is unaware of that could endanger his financial position.

At Eco & Partner Consult Limited, our thorough audit and due diligence processes provide financiers with confidence and ensures that risks involved in a financial transaction are understood and that EHS requirements are met.

We offer the following technical services:

  • Evaluation of compliance with environmental, biodiversity and social elements of performance requirements,
  • Gap analysis reports identifying areas of non-compliance with Institutional requirements.
  • Assessing significance and associated risks that any gaps pose to lenders and borrowers.
  • Environment and social monitoring.

Environment & Biodiversity

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