Project Induced In Migration Management

Project-induced in-migration (or influx) describes the movement of people into an area in anticipation of, or in response to, employment and other economic opportunities from the development and/or operation of a new project. Although the in-migration may result in improvements in infrastructure, services, and employment in the project area of influence, it can also lead to significant negative environmental, social and health impacts, adversely affecting both the project and the project-affected communities. Such impacts have the potential to fundamentally change the context in which a project operates, leading to significant consequences in terms of the planning, implementation, and outcomes of environmental, social and health programs and management plans, increased operational costs, and increased operational risk, ultimately affecting a project’s “social license to operate”.

As recognized by the ESIA, the Tilenga project PIIM is expected to have far reaching impacts on individuals, households, communities, public and private institutions, the physical environment and among other aspects. The impacts of PIIM and how they are effectively managed depends to a large extent on the pre-existing situation in the project area and the overall national and international social, economic, political, legal and human rights environment.

Eco and Partner Consult Ltd, was contracted by Total Energies EP Uganda to undertake Project Induced In Migration (PIIM) Studies for the Tilenga project, these studies constituted the following:

         • PIIM Planning and Scoping
         • Stakeholder Identification, Analysis and Engagement
         • PIIM Situation Analysis
         • Assessment of PIIM Risks and Impacts Mitigation
         • PIIM Strategy Development and Management Approaches
         • PIIM implementation; PIIM Management Plan

Social Surveys & Performance

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