Stakeholder Engagement

Eco & Partner Consult has proven expertise in managing community and other stakeholder expectations, and in facilitating community involvement, even in conflict situations.

Our stakeholder engagement team works combine the highest standards of verbal and visual communication with in-depth technical expertise to ensure in-depth and accurate presentation of the project related information to the different stakeholders. We consider stakeholder engagement as a platform for identifying the environmental and social issues that matter most for the business.

By informing and engaging all stakeholders in a way that is independent and impartial we aim to maintain the highest levels of trust and integrity. We ensure a wide range of groups and individuals are involved; from the client and consulting teams, through statutory consultees and both national and local special interest stakeholder groups, to the wider community.


Technical support includes:

  • Identifying key stakeholders i.e., Project Affected Persons (PAPs)
  • Developing stakeholder engagement plans and activities appropriate for the various stakeholders including stakeholder trainings
  • Organizing and managing the engagement process and organizing meetings, workshops and focus groups and wider public events and exhibitions
  • Facilitating technical and non-technical workshops, telephone interviews and focus groups, planning and design events and chairing meetings
  • Producing all supporting material including copywriting, media relations, graphics and multimedia design and print management
  • Ongoing reporting and integration of views in project and programme design,
  • Developing grievance mechanisms (for country and international standards)
  • Development of stakeholder engagement plans

Social Surveys & Performance

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