Transitional Support (Dry Rations) Services for Tilenga RAPs 2-5 

Location: Uganda

Client: TotalEnergies Uganda Limited

Service:Agri-business /Social consultancy

Transitional Support (Dry Rations) Services for Tilenga RAPs 2-5 – As part of the Land Acquisition and Livelihood Restoration Processes, Eco and Partner Consult Limited was contracted by TotalEnergies to provide Transitional Support to Project Affected Households (PAHs) under RAPs 2-5 in line with the approved Resettlement Action Plans 2, 3A, 3B, 4 & 5 (RAPs 2-5).  

The Tilenga Project developed a Global Livelihood Restoration Programme (Global LR) to mitigate the economic displacement impacts of the land acquisition process. The Dry Rations Program was developed by the project as a transitional support offered to PAP households under RAP 2, 3a, 3b, 4 and 5 to provide basic food security for a duration of six (6) months until when they can harvest their own crops. As PAPs receive notices to vacate they are likely to lose a harvest, the transition support is therefore to help PAP HHs to transit from one season to another


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