Transport and Mobility

As populations grow, so do demands for safe, expedient and cost-effective transportation. We work with clients around the world to build, modernize and expand transportation projects that carry all of our communities into the future safely and reliably.

Eco & Partner Consult Limited is nationally recognized for the wide range of health & safety, environmental, and permitting services that we provide for our nation’s infrastructure. Through integration of our service capabilities, we offer a broad technical approach to technical issues and provide cost-effective and technically appropriate solutions to complex challenges while mitigating risks associated with the Environment Health and Safety. We use our extensive knowledge to integrate Environmental and Social concerns in designing and managing transportation systems as well as find smarter, more advanced ways to move people across cities and countries. Our integrated approach and social responsibility have earned us the trust of local municipalities, government agencies, commercial clients and public-private partnerships. Our expertise and global reach enable us to deliver high-quality solutions for our clients that pave the way for long-lasting benefits to society. Some of the services we provide include;
  • Environmental and Social impact Assessment and Permitting
  • Environmental Compliance Auditing
  • Compensation and Resettlement Action Plans
  • Air quality and Green House Gas assessment
  • HSE Management and Compliance

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