Location: Uganda

Client: EACOP Uganda Limited

Service: Environmental and social consultancy

East African Crude Oil Pipeline

This project consists of the construction of a buried 1,443 km oil pipeline between the town of Kabaale in Uganda and the port of Tanga in Tanzania, and a storage terminal and loading jetty in Tanga. The oil pipeline includes six pumping stations, powered by solar plants in Tanzania, and a heat tracing system. The physical characteristics of the oil from Tilenga mean that it needs to be kept at a temperature of 50°C for transportation. The route of the pipeline was designed to avoid areas of environmental interest as much as possible, and generally crosses farming areas.

Eco & Partner has provided Environmental and Social Consultancy services to the developer (EACOP Uganda Ltd) encompassing the following:

  • Environment and Social Impact Assessment of the EACOP. The various studies carried out during the preparation of the ESIA include:
  • Physical environment: Air quality and climate change; noise and vibration; geology and soils; hydrogeology; surface water; landscape and visual; waste;
  • Ecological and biological environment: Terrestrial vegetation; terrestrial wildlife; aquatic life; and
  • Social-economic environment: Social; archaeology and cultural heritage; health and safety; ecosystem services.
  • Unplanned events, cumulative impacts, and transboundary impacts were also assessed, in addition to providing an Environmental and Social Management Plan. Stakeholder engagement was performed as part of the social impact assessment
  • Critical Habitats assessment of the areas traversed by the EACOP and Tilenga pipeline.
  • Chimpanzee monitoring in two EACOP project areas -Tilenga Feeder Pipeline KP & EACOP KP 1-20
  • ESIA and Project Brief for the EACOP Access Roads
  • Environmental compliance Audit on Geological, Geophysical and Geotechnical Surveys.
  • Project Brief for the Main Camps and Pipe Yard.


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