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Sustainable Operations and Compliance: Bridging the Gap

Businesses worldwide are facing a credibility gap when it comes to meeting ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) and carbon targets. While these goals are prevalent, stakeholders often perceive a lack of meaningful progress. Companies are in dire need of assistance in translating their strategies into actionable steps that result in tangible progress.

The increasing global requirements for disclosure further emphasize the lack of progress and put enterprise value, access to capital, license to operate, and competitive advantage at risk. In this context, it is crucial for companies to take immediate action and demonstrate their commitment to sustainability.

Scientists have warned that reducing greenhouse gas emissions before 2030 is far more effective in averting the worst climate impacts compared to efforts made after that timeframe. This presents a significant opportunity for companies to regain credibility by focusing on their operating assets and driving improvements in ESG and carbon performance, as well as resource and cost efficiency. The journey towards achieving net-zero emissions starts by implementing proven technologies on these operational assets.

At Sustainable Operations, we leverage our 20 years of foundational experience in EHS (Environmental, Health, and Safety) compliance for operating facilities to help companies navigate the ESG and carbon landscape. Our aim is to drive ESG and carbon performance improvements, ensure compliance, operationalize strategies, and instill confidence in disclosure efforts. Our approach revolves around three key aspects:

ESG/Carbon Data Disclosures & Assurance: We offer digitally enabled solutions for aggregating, disclosing, and assuring ESG and carbon data with the financial rigor expected by investors, stakeholders, and regulators. Drawing on our extensive expertise in sustainability, we employ science-based approaches to enhance data quality and drive performance improvements.

Management Systems, Compliance & Audits: Given the increasing regulatory requirements and corporate commitments surrounding ESG and carbon, it is crucial for companies to revamp their existing management systems, compliance protocols, and auditing programs. We assist in leveraging regulatory intelligence technologies to streamline these processes effectively.

ESG/Carbon Performance Improvements & Business Transformation: We conduct facility-level assessments that inform comprehensive plans to achieve ESG and carbon targets, taking into account the realities of operations and business models. Our program implementation includes business process optimization, workforce capacity building, and project planning and execution.

By partnering with Sustainable Operations, companies can bridge the gap between ESG and carbon aspirations and actual results. We empower businesses to enhance their credibility, meet regulatory requirements, and achieve their sustainability objectives. Together, we can create a more sustainable future for all.”

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