Location: Central Uganda

Client: Confidential

Service: Environment and  Biodiversity

Site contaminantion investigation and Remediation

Underground storage tanks (USTs) are used for storing fuel, but they can pose a risk if they develop leaks. Leakage from USTs can result in soil and groundwater contamination, presenting environmental and health concerns. Eco and Partner undertook a thorough site investigation is crucial to confirm the presence of leakage from these underground tank at a fuel station in Central Uganda.

Site investigations involved a systematic process of assessing and evaluating the condition of UST, as well as the surrounding soil and groundwater, to determine if leakage has occurred and to what extent, allowing for appropriate remediation measures to be implemented.

Soil samples were collected from specific locations around the USTs to determine if petroleum hydrocarbons or other contaminants are present. These samples were analyzed in an accredited laboratory to quantify the concentrations of contaminants, to determine the potential severity of the leakage and the extent of soil contamination.

Site investigations involved the use of specialized techniques and equipment, such as soil vapor surveys or geophysical surveys.


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