Location: Uganda

Client:TotalEnergies Exploration and Production Uganda Ltd

Service: Environmental and social consultancy

Tilenga project

Tilenga: located in the Buliisa and Nwoya districts in the Lake Albert, the Tilenga project is operated by Total Energies (56.6%), in partnership with CNOOC and UNOC. It includes the development of six fields and the drilling of around 400 wells from 31 locations. Production will be delivered through buried pipelines to a treatment plant built in Kasenyi, for the separation and treatment of the fluids (oil, water, gas. All of the water produced will be reinjected into the fields and the gas will be used to produce the energy needed for the treatment process. Surplus electricity will be exported to the pipeline and the Ugandan grid.

One of the fields developed is located inside Murchison Falls Park. The others are located outside the park, south of the Victoria Nile in sparsely populated rural areas and activities that are essentially agricultural.

Eco & Partner has provided Environmental and Social Consultancy services to the developer encompassing the following:

  • Development of the Tilenga Project Environmental Social Impact Assessment. The various studies carried out during the preparation of the ESIA including: Air quality and climate change; noise and vibration; geology and soils; hydrogeology; surface water; landscape and visual; waste; Ecological and biological environment: Terrestrial vegetation; terrestrial wildlife; aquatic life; and Social-economic environment: archaeology and cultural heritage; health and safety; ecosystem services, Stakeholder engagement was performed as part of the social impact assessment. Unplanned events, cumulative impacts, and transboundary impacts were also assessed, in addition to providing an Environmental and Social Management Plan.
  • Health Safety and Environment Compliance Auditing for the Tilenga Project Facilities and Activities including well pads, Airstrip’s, camps, Industrial Area, Access Roads etc.
  • Environment Monitoring of the project Activities and Facilities.
  • Social performance through provision of Transitional Support (Distribution of Dry Rations) for RAP 2-5.
  • Eco-toxicological studies for plants around Purongo Waste Consolidation Area.
  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessment for additional Project Components and facilities including the Nile Crossing, Tilenga Additional Borrow Pits, and Workers Camps.
  • Tilenga Project Human Rights Impact Assessment.
  • Tilenga Project Induced In-Migration (Influx Studies).


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