Archaeology and cultural heritage

Archaeological sites are a non-renewable resource; that is, once they are destroyed, the information they contained is lost forever. At Eco & Partner Consult, we help clients understand cultural heritage issues surrounding their respective projects and finding solutions that lead to coexists between the two parties.

We assist our clients to understand and meet the requirements of heritage legislation and planning policies while meeting international best practice, for the heritage sector. Our services can be offered directly as a stand-alone study package or part of the assessment study required by either the authorities, lenders or shareholders.

We have worked with an extensive range of industries, including oil and gas, mineral extraction, transport, property development and governmental organizations.

Our services

  • Archaeological and Cultural Heritage Surveys
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Development of Chance Findings Procedures (CFP)
  • Design Archeological and Cultural Heritage Management Plan
  • Training in Archeological and Cultural Heritage

Social Surveys & Performance

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