Acoustics (Noise and Vibration Assessment)

Noise and vibration issues are a worldwide problem. Eco & Partner offers comprehensive noise and vibration consultancy services across a wide range of industries and sectors, conforming to industry standards, national legislation and international best practice.

Acoustical pollution can cause health problems for people and wildlife, both on land and in the sea.

Often the effects of acoustical pollution are small; however, for some of our clients, they can become a major issue particularly when promoting new infrastructure such as roads, railways, airports and industrial facilities.

We work closely with clients and stakeholders to assess noise and vibrations emissions and the effects these may have on people, property and wildlife. We strive to anticipate concerns and design integrated and sustainable solutions before problems arise.

Our noise and vibration specialist team provides technical support at any stage of project planning, design, construction, implementation to project closure/decommissioning in collaboration with regulatory and industrial best practices. With the state of art equipment and experience of managing and delivering projects ranging from planning support, environmental permitting through to large-scale noise and vibration impact assessments, we have worked with different sectors providing our clients with efficient and innovative ways of solving a host of noise and vibration challenges by modelling, predicting and verifying acoustical, noise and vibration levels as per the Regulatory obligations.

We provide customized, cost-effective and professional services as per the client’s and regulatory requirements. The breadth of our work across sectors means we are able to provide insight from a number of perspectives, whatever the problem in hand.

We offer technical assistance for the following services:

  • Ambient and industrial noise surveys
  • Industrial and infrastructure noise modelling
  • Environmental and social impact assessment (ESIA) support
  • Noise assessments for planning and permitting applications
  • Noise and vibration monitoring for construction and demolition works/ decommissioning
  • Acoustically induced vibration (AIV) assessments
  • Flow induced vibration (FIV) assessments
  • Development of noise and vibration mitigation and management plans.
  • Noise and vibration bespoke training courses.

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