Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

Effective monitoring of the environment and an improved understanding of the same requires valuable information and data that can be only be extracted through application of Geospatial technologies such as remote sensing and Geographical Information Systems.

Eco & Partner Consult GIS Department offers a wide range of GIS services comprising of data analysis, Remote Sensing and Visual Impact Assessment. GIS and Remote Sensing techniques are key to day to day analysis of spatial and temporal variability providing quick solutions to various problems in today’s growing business environment. There is growing recognition of GIS and Remote Sensing tools together with Visual Impact Assessment and many companies are integrating these solutions in their day to day operations.

Our GIS professionals have an extensive knowledge base in integrating spatial data from various sources such as Garmin Global Positioning Systems (GPS), ESRI ArcGIS, QGIS, AutoCAD Civil 3D, AutoCAD Land Development, Google Earth Engine, TerrSet, ERDAS Imagine, and Global Mapper; designing and managing relational database; database querying and statistical analysis.

Eco & Partner has fully-fledged GIS Unit with vast experience in GIS, Remote Sensing and Visual

Impact Assessment consultancy services namely:

  • Aerial photogrammetry and mapping using UAV
  • Geographic referencing of photography, base maps and data base development
  • Image classification and analysis in remote sensing environment
  • Global Positioning System (GPS) data collection and advanced mapping
  • Environmental Data Management Systems (EDMS) development and implementation
  • Data manipulation and conversion.
  • GPS field data collection and post processing
  • GIS database creation
  • Custom, interactive web map development
  • Central data storage and management
  • Visual Resource analysis (Zone of Theoretical Visibility, viewsheds, virtual landscapes to show visual impacts and assessment of projects)
  • Land use analysis & planning
  • Site Suitability analysis
  • Watershed analysis
  • Land cover analysis; sensitive plant surveys
  • Biodiversity including wildlife habitat mapping and modelling

Environment & Biodiversity

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