Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)

Strategic Environmental Assessment should be integrated into the policy, plan or programme preparation process from its early stages and the Government must have a high degree of ownership. Public participation is also essential for a successful SEA.

Compared with the Environmental Impact and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA), SEA provides recommendations at a strategic level and allows a better control over interactions or cumulative effects.
In Uganda, the National Development Plan III (2020/21 – 2024/25) provides the national development planning framework that forms the basis for the development of sector-wide strategies and plans. Sector wide strategies and plans should ideally be informed by SEA; however, until the National Environment Act, 2019, SEA in Uganda was largely voluntary and limited to the requirements of development partners.
Eco & Partner assess the government’s policy/program, identifying the stakeholders that are critical to engage, while building trust through proactive sustained and meaningful communication and engagement that both informs stakeholders and seeks to involve them in the process.
We work to assist Government bodies and Agencies to understand and mitigate risks by maximizing stakeholders’ involvement in the process and optimizing their input by developing robust strategies to involve and inform them early and often carry that effort through to completion.

We offer technical assistance for the following services:
Strategic initiatives and coalition management, include policy making engagement.
Strategic communications counsel
Tactical Planning and Implementation
Stakeholder identification, outreach and involvement
Research (non-technical risk assessment)

HSE Management Compliance

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